New Nike Air Force 1: A tribute to the city of Manchester

The popular Nike Air Force 1 gets a new Colorway that could be mistaken for a Gucci collaboration. The model in question is the Nike Air Force 1 „Manchester Bee“, a model that pays tribute to one of the great cradles of British culture. And yes, there is a bee on her side, but that’s not because the great Italian fashion house Gucci is behind it. It’s because the bee has been the symbol of Manchester for over 150 years.

A wonderful homage to Manchester

The city’s bee is the big protagonist, embroidered on suede in this case. It has been attached to the outside of the heel, while the inside has a simple beehive design. It is said that the bee symbolizes the sense of unity of the city of Manchester, its hard work ethic and the great activity on the streets. It is also believed to have been designed by Albert Waterhouse.

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The perforated suede in the front area gives way to leather panels in the same color, which reinforce the middle area of the shoe. A dark swoosh, almost black, breaks the chromatic harmony and a very light cream color that appears in the tongue with octagonal pattern and in the laces, contrasting with the overall silhouette. A very special detail: Below the laces a tiny swoosh greets the attentive eye. Nike Air stands in the area of the Achilles heel. On the tongue of the shoe there is a sewn-in label that closes the tribute to the city with the numbers „0161“, the phone code for Manchester. The leather insole is a real eye-catcher.

For the Nike Air Force 1 „Manchester Bee“ no price or release date has been announced yet, but it is expected that this will happen very soon. And then they will be sold out in no time.

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